1. I am a healthier new mama because of their dedication.

    I had often heard of the emotional rollercoaster caused by pregnancy and was committed to avoiding it, if at all possible. This family transition brings enough challenges, alongside the joy, without the unsteady feeling caused by rapidly changing hormones. I chose to work with Rachel and her team during my pregnancy (and postpartum) for this reason and was amazed by the results. Not only did neuro…Read More

  2. Neurotherapy has given my life back.

    Neurotherapy has given my life back. I was so depressed and lethargic, I had to force myself to get out of bed in the morning. Now, I am up each day with a smile on my face, raising my daughter like I always wanted to!…Read More

    30-year-old female, depression and ADD
  3. It changed my life!

    It changed my life! I found freedom from prescription medication, insomnia, anxiety, fear, bipolar mood swings, and anger. It opened my brain and allowed me to connect with a higher power. My entire life has improved so drastically. I no longer feel like I am disconnected. I have control over my emotions. Even my balance and coordination improved!…Read More

    25-year old female, bipolar disorder
  4. Life is better, I have friends, I am doing good in school.

    I was on so many medications. I have no friends and always got into trouble at school. After neurotherapy I feel calm and happy. Life is better, I have friends, I am doing good in school. I get along with my parents and siblings better than ever before. I am off almost all of my medication.…Read More

    19-year old male, anger issues and impulsivity
  5. Neuroptimize is cutting edge!

    Neuroptimize is cutting edge! They are using the latest technology to regulate our brainwaves without medication or other stimulants. I wish I knew about this earlier in my career! I highly recommend their services and coaching”…Read More

    Former NBA Player and World Champion
  6. In just a few sessions, I already feel better

    Rachel introduced me to an amazing therapy called neurofeedback. In just a few sessions, I already feel better and can’t wait to get on the field and play better than I ever have. Everyone in the NFL, and all people who perform, should be doing this work to be your best!…Read More

    Current NFL Player (and Future Hall-of-Famer)
  7. I would highly recommend Neuroptimize for neurofeedback training.

    Due to Lyme disease, I have struggled with extensive physiological and neurological symptoms for many years. I was desperate, and eventually stumbled upon Neuroptimize for help. Rachael and Carli have been very supportive in making my neurofeedback treatment both feasible and successful. As my primary therapist, Carli has gone above and beyond to provide a more holistic approach and has utilized b…Read More

  8. It was AMAZING.

    Before I met Rachel at Neuroptimize I had pretty much lost all hope. For as long as I could remember anxiety was all I knew. My anxiety and depression was getting worse as time passed and I had tried EVERYTHING. Many if not most days, I couldn’t even get out of bed. I tried cognitive therapy, numerous medications, homeopathic medicine and vitamins (which the therapy in conjunction with neurofeed…Read More

  9. There is hope for all of us.

    Moments change our lives. I experienced one of those moments on a much-needed vacation with my husband. We were in Mexico enjoying the sun and sand when all the fun came to a halt during a serious injury car accident. After extensive medical tests I was told that I had “a really hard knock to the head” and told to go home and rest. That’s it?! I was sleeping 16-hours per day. Grabbing walls …Read More

    Sarah Morgan
  10. He seems genuinely refreshed

    “Our son struggled extensively with concentration problems, trouble in school from mood swings/temper tantrums/inability to calm down, and sleep struggles. After many evaluations and help with speech in school we decided more needed to be done to ensure his success. I myself had had a successful Biofeedback treatment program for Postpartum depression so I researched if the same program was avail…Read More

    Johannah M.