There is hope for all of us.

Moments change our lives. I experienced one of those moments on a much-needed vacation with my husband. We were in Mexico enjoying the sun and sand when all the fun came to a halt during a serious injury car accident.

After extensive medical tests I was told that I had “a really hard knock to the head” and told to go home and rest.

That’s it?!

I was sleeping 16-hours per day. Grabbing walls to walk. Dealing with debilitating headaches. Was unable to hold a conversation or remember names. Loved my 2-year old daughter but didn’t have the patience to be around her. It was a very dark time. And I was afraid.

Would I ever recover?

That’s when I was introduced to neurofeedback with Rachel Radgsdale and began my sessions. I remember the first time coming to the office. I cried. I was so scared I would never regain my brain function.

The healing was a process. While doing neurofeedback I was also taking specific nutrients to help my brain heal. I would come to a session with a splitting headache and leave headache free. Then I started to notice being awake during the day was not such an exhausting process. I started to hold short conversations. My balance got better. My patience improved. I could play with my daughter and enjoy her presence. Over the course of 6 months I felt like myself again. Sarah was back. But I noticed something new. I had a new ability to tap into creativity in a way I had never experienced before. And this has lead me to some exciting paths in my professional career.

I am forever grateful for the care I received here. Not only is my brain healed but it is operating better than before the accident.
There is hope for all of us.

Sarah Morgan