A qEEG or brain map is a test that looks directly at the electrical activity of the brain to measure and display patterns of over and under activity that may correlate with your symptoms. It is a passive and completely safe test that does not require any electrical stimulation be input into your brain. When you come into our office a clinician will place a cap on your head that will be able to pick up electricity at 19 different sites on your brain. They will use a small amount of conductive gel in order for us to pick up the electrical activity below your skull. You can expect a 10 minute recording in both the eyes open and eyes closed condition. They will send your data to our qEEG specialist who will analyze your brain wave data, artifact non brain wave activity and send back your “brain map report” complete with a map to your treatment. This map is what allows your treatment to be completely individualized to your brain. At NeurOptimize we use the Neuroguide database, which is a very well respected database in the field. The map is an opportunity to learn about yourself or at the very least see the patterns that may be holding you back from being your most optimal self.

What is a qEEG?

A Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG), also known as brain mapping, is a procedure that allows us to measure the electrical activity of a brain to evaluate brain parts and functions, and how they all work together to better see the root of a symptom or issue that is hindering one’s quality of life.

The Importance of qEEG Brain Mapping

Abnormal brain function is the root cause for many cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders. qEEG brain mapping allows neurofeedback experts to see a visual map of how brain parts and functions are working together to pinpoint which frequencies in the brain are out of balance.

qEEG Brain Mapping at NeurOptimize

At NeurOptimize, our goal is to help better the lives of our clients by retraining their brain to react differently to stimuli that causes negative symptoms. qEEG brain mapping is the first step in our neurofeedback treatment process that allows both our caring staff and our clients to better understand how their brain is functioning — allowing us to move forward with the best individualized neurotherapy treatment plan for our clients.

Learn more about how your brain functions by scheduling a consultation at one of our Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins locations. We look forward to helping you discover the root cause of your mental health symptoms that are not allowing you to live your best life.

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