Our light therapy system works as the result of a biologic process called photobiomodulation, which basically stands for light, biology, and change. Our cells our built with photoreceptors to receive light and actually require light in order to function properly. The light system triggers the release of nitric oxide which increases circulation and can stimulate the body’s innate healing process. Many people with pain or impaired circulation benefit from near infrared light therapy. We get many clients that come to us with less than optimal blood flow to their brain and this system is absolutely our go to. As there becomes an increased understanding of the value of increasing circulation to our tissues, it is apparent why many enjoy its healing benefits.

What is Near-Infrared Light Therapy?

Near-infrared light therapy is invisible infrared energy that penetrates deep into your soft tissues, muscles, joints, and bones to help relieve physical pain. Light therapy treatment does not just mask symptoms of pain, but rather encourages healing for permanent pain relief.   

The Importance of Near-Infrared Light Therapy

There are so many benefits of near-infrared light therapy. Near-infrared light therapy helps reduce inflammation, improve circulation, improve mood, and ultimately promotes healing. Rather than just masking the symptoms, near-infrared light therapy stimulates your body to heal so you don’t have to live in pain.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy at NeurOptimize

At NeurOptimize, we are dedicated to relieving our clients of both mental and physical pain. With near-infrared light therapy, we are able to address our clients’ physical pain through near-infrared light with invisible wavelengths between 700 and 1200 nm. The energy from the near-infrared light is delivered to the cells causing pain in order to stimulate healing and relieve physical pain — for good!

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We only accept insurance at our DTC and Denver Highlands Locations. We are in network with UHC, BCBS, and Cigna only. We accept some Out of Network plans for aetna. We also accept HSA, and will work on a sliding scale. Contact us if you have any questions.