At NeurOptimize, we believe in the power of knowledge. It is our mission to use our technology to help those in our community grow and heal. Most of our clients come to us with curiosity — what is it in their brains that causes them to feel the way they do? From depression to anxiety, ADHD to PTSD, our brains can cause some upsetting thoughts to arise without us consciously inviting these thoughts. We seek to change that with our comprehensive neurofeedback services and advanced biofeedback devices. 

qEEG (Brain Mapping)

A qEEG or brain map is a test that looks directly at the electrical activity of the brain to measure and display patterns of over and under activity that may correlate with your symptoms. It is a passive and completely safe test that does not require any electrical stimulation be input into your brain. When you come into our office a clinician will place a cap on your head that will be able to pick up electricity at 19 different sites on your brain. They will use a small amount of conductive gel in order for us to pick up the electrical activity below your skull. You can expect a 10 minute recording in both the eyes open and eyes closed condition. They will send your data to our qEEG specialist who will analyze your brain wave data, artifact non brain wave activity and send back your “brain map report” complete with a map to your treatment. This map is what allows your treatment to be completely individualized to your brain. At NeurOptimize we use the Neuroguide database, which is a very well respected database in the field. The map is an opportunity to learn about yourself or at the very least see the patterns that may be holding you back from being your most optimal self.

Neurofeedback Therapy

The actual treatment process is known as neurofeedback. Many people come to us with a lot of assumptions about what neurofeedback is and how it works, but put very simply neurofeedback is a learning process for your brain. We are teaching the parts of your brain that are dysregulated to not overreact or respond inappropriately using a reward based system.
Using rewards we teach your brain by having you play different games and provide valuable stimulus in order to teach your brain how to regulate and monitor itself through “feedback”. This all happens as we monitor your eeg in real time by placing three or more electrodes directly on your scalp. Similar to learning a new language it takes time and repetition for your brain to learn how to create new pathways, new brainwave activity, and flexibility within itself. Your clinician will help guide this process, but your brain does all the work for you! We have many clients that describe it as the most relaxing part of their day.

Near Infrared Light Therapy

Our light therapy system works as the result of a biologic process called photobiomodulation, which basically stands for light, biology, and change. Our cells our built with photoreceptors to receive light and actually require light in order to function properly. The light system triggers the release of nitric oxide which increases circulation and can stimulate the body’s innate healing process. Many people with pain or impaired circulation benefit from near infrared light therapy. We get many clients that come to us with less than optimal blood flow to their brain and this system is absolutely our go to. As there becomes an increased understanding of the value of increasing circulation to our tissues, it is apparent why many enjoy its healing benefits.

Biofeedback using “Thought Technology”

It is a state of the art training device for many aspects of applied physiology that brings processes that normally happen outside of someone’s awareness to their awareness and trains them to have greater control of what are typically thought of as “autonomic functions”. With thought technology biofeedback we can monitor a wide variety of physiological metrics including EEG, HRV, EMG, GSR/SC, EKG, Skin temperature and respiration. Using this tool we are able to evaluate and train many combinations of physiology. With these tools we are better able to help a person not only regulate their brain, but also regulate their physiology, ultimately focusing on their being as a whole person.

Alpha Stim AID

The alpha stim is a small device that provides Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, which is a low level electrical current. This is done by placing two small ear clips on each ear lobe and is considered safe and non- invasive. This device is used as as supplemental tool to neurofeedback therapy in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. Research has been done using qEEG as a measurement and people who used the alpha stim showed significant improvement with lasting effects related to the several patterns associated with the above dysregulation patterns.


While Neurofeedback is the heart of what we do at NeurOptimize, we believe in the coaching and counseling process. Many of our specialists are Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidates, Life Coaches, and Registered Psychotherapists. If you have an interest in adding on counseling or coaching services to your treatment please speak with your lead clinician about adding time to your sessions. We also partner with many other therapists and coaches in the community and would be happy to offer you referrals.

Contact us today to sign up for your consultation and initial appointment or to learn more about our Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins neurofeedback services. We look forward to helping you live a better life.