Complimentary Consultation

30 minute appointment

During your consultation you will get the opportunity to meet our lead clinician and learn about qEEG (Brain Mapping), Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and the other services we provide at NeurOptimize. It is an opportunity to get your questions answered and make sure we are the right fit for YOU. You will learn about the client experience and the NeurOptimize process and can expect to leave with an understanding of our treatment process.

qEEG (Brain Mapping)

45 minute appointment

Prior to your Brain Mapping appointment you will be sent directions for the mapping process. Please read those thoroughly and ask any questions you may have to your lead clinician. A silver chloride electrode cap will be placed on your head, which will allow us to measure 19 different locations on your brain. Your specialist will guide you through the recording process. It is a passive process and no electricity is ever being input into the brain. After you complete the recording your clinician will send your data to our qEEG director and schedule a time for you to review your map 7-`10 days after this appointment. While you may not see your results for a week, your clinician will have the results back very quickly and will be able to begin treatment right away. Your clinician will collect all paperwork and go over treatment expectations at this appointment.

During your treatment or as you begin to end treatment you may be asked or given the option to receive another qEEG (Brain Map). The purpose for this will vary, but may include a sustained concussion, a sense of plateau, a significantly traumatic event, or curiosity of changes as an objective measure.

Neurofeedback Follow up Appointment

45 minute appointment

After we have collected your data you will begin neurofeedback sessions. These sessions consist of time to “check in” and discuss your treatment progress, followed by your neurofeedback training session. We have several different systems at our offices. The system chosen will be based off of your individualized qEEG and symptom report. During a session you can expect to sit back in a comfortable chair, have electrodes gently placed onto your scalp with a small amount of conductive paste, have headphones placed onto your ears, and you will be encouraged to enter into a learning opportunity for your brain.

Our Systems

  • Brain Master
  • Cygnet
  • Neuroguide
  • Thought Tech Technology

Training Types

  • Amplitude Training
  • Low Frequency Training
  • Z-Score Training
  • Coherence Training
  • Referential Training
  • Alpha/ Theta Training
  • Synchrony Training

Supplemental Therapy

Sometimes your clinician will recommend additional supplemental therapies. At NeurOptimize we believe in having a holistic approach to health and try to add simple modalities to enhance regulation and brain health. Below is a list of some of our supplemental therapies we might suggest during your treatment with us

Biofeedback Therapy
Traditional Counseling Services
Near Infrared Light Therapy
Alpha Stim
Touch Points (can be purchased and used at home)
Essential Oils
Nootropic Supplements

Ending Well

Neurofeedback should not feel like something you have to depend on, however, we do believe in a lifetime of practicing brain health. As your treatment starts to slow down we will offer feedback on how we believe you will hold your results best. This often looks like coming every other week, once a month, and then quarterly. When ending treatment with us it is our hope that you will feel empowered and in control of your mental health and well – being. We want your quarterly appointment to act as a boost for your brain with the purpose of investing in the most important organ in your body – your brain!