Conveniently located off I-25 on Speer Blvd in the desirable Highland neighborhood, is our NeurOptimize Highland location. At our Denver Neurofeedback Center (Highland),  your brain health and well-being is of the utmost importance to us. At NeurOptimize Highland our knowledgeable and caring staff will be able to gain a better understanding of how your brain works and provide state-of-the-art treatment to help you retrain your brain so you can live your best life.

Denver Neurofeedback Services

At our Denver Neurofeedback Center location (Highland), we offer comprehensive neurofeedback services that allow us to determine the root cause of your unwanted symptoms and retrain your brain to work more efficiently for a healthier brain and happier life.

Denver qEEG

Through qEEG brain mapping, our trained professionals are able to use the electrical activity of your brain to determine the cause of the symptoms that have brought you into our Denver Neurofeedback Center. Once we have determined the location in your brain that is not functioning as desired, we can begin cognitive training through neurofeedback to retrain your brain and improve your brain health.

Denver Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is direct training of your brain to help it work more efficiently. At NeurOptimize Highland, we are able to train the exact area(s) of our brain that aren’t functioning as desired and promote or diminish brainwave activity to help your brain function in a more balanced way and alleviate your symptoms long-term.  

Denver Counseling/Coaching

If you are seeking neurofeedback treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, or another issue that is hindering your quality of life, individual counseling or coaching can enhance your treatment. If you are interested in this service, speak with your lead clinician. Many of our neurofeedback specialists are Licensed Professional Counselors, Life Coaches, and Registered Psychotherapists who can help.

Denver Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Near-Infrared Light Therapy is a type of light therapy that penetrates infrared energy deep into your soft tissues, muscles, joints, and even your bone! Near-Infrared Light Therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, detox your body, and more! At NuerOptimize, we don’t just care about Denver mental health, but we care about your physical well-being too!

Denver Alpha Stim® AID

The Alpha Stim® AID is a small, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device that is used to supplement neurofeedback therapy when treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. In conjunction with neurofeedback therapy, the Alpha Stim® AID has been proven to show significant, long-lasting improvement of symptoms and brain functioning.

Why Choose NeurOptimize Highland

Located overlooking the heart of downtown Denver, our Highland location is right in the center of jogging paths and trails, restaurants, and more, so you can take care of your brain health and then get right back to all of the activities you love. Our friendly team at NeurOptimize Highland is here to provide Denver’s top-rated neurofeedback services so you can retrain your brain and live the life you desire and deserve. To learn more about our Denver neurofeedback services or to take the first step toward improving your brain health, contact NeurOptimize today! We look forward to supporting you on this journey.