What Is Biofeedback Using “Thought Technology?”

Biofeedback using Thought Technology is a state-of-the-art device for many aspects of applied physiology that brings processes that normally happen outside of someone’s awareness into their awareness, and trains them to have greater control of what are typically thought of as “automatic functions.”

The Importance Of Biofeedback Using “Thought Technology”

With Thought Technology biofeedback, we can monitor a wide variety of physiological metrics including EEG, HRV, EMG, GSR/SC, EKG, skin temperature, and respiration. Using this tool, we are able to evaluate and train many combinations of physiology, not only allowing us to help regulate their brain, but also regulate their physiology — ultimately focusing on their being as a whole.

Biofeedback Using “Thought Technology” At NeurOptimize

At NeurOptimize, we have a deep care for our clients that goes beyond their brain — we care about our clients as a whole. That is why we are continually educating ourselves on cutting-edge biofeedback equipment and technology that will help our clients live their best lives. We will be by your side every step of the way to help you accomplish your goals through biofeedback therapy using Thought Technology.

Change your life today with Thought Technology biofeedback. Schedule a consultation at one of our Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins locations. We look forward to helping you learn more about your brain and take back control of your life.

We only accept insurance at our DTC and Denver Highlands Locations. We are in network with UHC, BCBS, and Cigna only. We accept some Out of Network plans for aetna. We also accept HSA, and will work on a sliding scale. Contact us if you have any questions.